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Meet your team of wellness experts. Stop in the center anytime to meet face to face or learn more about each member here. We are always looking for passionate health and wellness experts to join us. Contact Jesse James at 602.535.4623 if you would like to join our growing team.

In the News

Jesse James Body Wellness, owned and operated by Jesse Ferrell and Matthew Kincaid, opened its doors December 26th 2013 at 6009 N. 16th St. Body Wellness, with a team of healing practitioners, will offer medical and traditional massage therapy, wellness workshops, Aroma Touch workshops, yoga, weekly meditation and monthly Shamanic Journeying, as well as other classes and workshops.

Vision. Mission. Values.

The JESSE JAMES METHOD™ exceeds expectations, delivering predictable, reliable results that transform people’s experience of freedom, strength, synergy and harmony in their bodies. People’s transformative experience creates a demand for superior, standardized bodywork.


Since 2001, Jesse James Body Wellness has been delivering transformational results to our clients. We thrive on creating a lifestyle that will support you, for a lifetime of health and happiness. Always expanding our vision to support your needs, we love contributing to our community through nutrition, bodywork, meditation and more.

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