Can medical massage help me?

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I often get asked the question when describing the Jesse James Method, “what is medical massage”? In short medical massage works to release chronic issues. Issues that have been in your body for more than 72 hours. Yes, most of us are walking around tolerating some form of pain in our body. Some of us have become numb to the pain. Others are very aware of the pain and learn to accept, adapt and tolerate the pain. The Jesse James Method has success in dealing with chronic issues from sciatic nerve pain, migraines, headaches, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain and more. Here is a video that briefly shares with you what medical massage is. Tip of the week! What is Medical Massage?

What does medical massage treat? Medical massage is useful in treating conditions such as:

The term medical massage has grown in popularity because of its unique ability to bring massage therapy into the mainstream and present massage therapy in a positive way to doctors. Massage therapists are raising their education levels and integrating the term medical massage into their routines. Once we become a provider for your insurance we can bill for massage as long as we are able to show improvement in the condition of the patient/client.

Check out this wonderful testimonial from Carolyn Green on her results from medical massage.

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