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When focusing on health and fitness, most experts and fitness gurus will say that activity and exercise are the main components to one’s wellness regime.  Medical and health experts tell us how the importance of getting an appropriate amount of rest and good sleep are paramount to one’s overall health.  Many health conscious individuals are now becoming aware of the importance of meditation, guided visualization and of the mind-body connection that can be made through certain activities, such as the various types of yoga, citing that focused, mindful activities is a most beneficial manner through which to enhance one’s wellness plan.  However, we here at Jesse James Wellness Center believe that proper, well-balanced nutrition, derived from a fresh, whole foods dietary approach, is the cornerstone to one’s overall health and wellness.  After all, a well-balanced diet is the fuel that optimizes our bodies’ performance in all other wellness activities.



All too often, our dietary concerns are at the bottom of our health priorities list, as our daily demands and the struggle to find a balance between our work lives and our home lives often distract us and impede our ability to focus on a well-balance, whole-foods approach to nutrition.  More often than we want to acknowledge, meals get skipped or we seek out a convenient, often low-nutrition, option just to get through the day.  The key is to give yourself the opportunity to have proper nutrition. 

This is precisely why JJWC is proud to announce that we have incorporated a wellness component to our services that is centered on nutrition with the recent unveiling and kick-off of our brand new smoothie bar!  We encourage you to stop by and check out what JJWC now has to offer that can help you achieve the nutritional goals that will enhance your daily performance, maximize your physical fitness plan, optimize mind/body awareness and leave you feeling satisfied when you’re on the go.  Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself!  


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