Reduce Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Stress

Reduce stress and anxiety within a few minutes by bringing an awareness to your breath and making each breath a conscious breath.


Find a somewhere to be still and quiet for 10 minutes. Whether your laying flat on your back with palms up or you are sitting with a long straight spine begin consciously breathing full deep breaths. Breathe deep into your belly continue up into your diagram and third inhale all the way up to your collar bone. Exhale from collar bone, diaphragm and third belly. You can do this at your desk at work, driving in your car, during any of your treatments, hiking or working out. The point is to make it a conscious practice until it becomes a subconscious message in your life. Note: With each inhale breathe in fully and as deeply as possible. When you think you can’t breathe any more, breathe in a bit more. Fill your body to capacity with healing breath. Hold for a 5 second PAUSE. As you exhale do so as slowly as your inhale was. Exhale completely where your stomach is gently pressing into your spine. Continue to exhale pushing all air out. You may feel like you will pass out or you will die if you don’t take another inhale. Continue exhaling. Open your throat and make sound to help push all air out. Then consciously and with total control begin breathing again. Repeat for 10-18 breaths. After you complete begin normal breathing again. Add in a conscious awareness to your breath as you begin theho‘oponpono prayer below. I like to use this prayer to heal relationships. I sometimes will go through each person I know beginning with myself and as one comes to mind I say the prayer. Once I have completed that person the next person organically comes to mind. Trust your guide and practice on any person that could use the healing. I do this silently in my mind.

Dear Divine Love:

  • Here we acknowledge the Creator who gives Unconditional Love.
  • Addressing the Creator is fundamental to this process, since only the Creator can fix the mess that we (and our ancestors) have created.
  • Use whatever spiritual guide you pray to.

I am sorry:

  • This statement opens the door to atonement.  The moment you take responsibility for any negative manifestation you experience or witness you also create an opportunity for healing.
  • The apology is not directed to the Creator.  The Creator is Spirit and does not need nor care about apologies.
  • The apology is an acknowledgement that we are sorry for whatever it is that we (or our ancestors before us) have done to cause the adverse circumstance to take place.
  • There is no need to grovel, just a simple “I am sorry” will do.

Please forgive me:

  • We are asking for forgiveness for having forgotten how much the Creator loves us.
  • We are asking for forgiveness for having shut out the Creator from our lives and missing out on all the wonderful experiences that we could have had.
  • We ask for forgiveness with the absolute certainty that it has already been granted.  The Creator is Spirit and is Unconditional Love, incapable of experiencing feelings of anger, resentment and all the other ego related neurotic behaviors that afflict humans.
  • It is important to note here that Hooponopono practitioners never have to forgive anyone, since they realize that all wrongdoing is the result of their own wrong action or memories–past or present.

I love you:

  • Love is a very simple yet complex matter that is a direct reflection of each person’s attitude and philosophy toward life. Here we can trust and allow love to simply be as it is with no judgements, attachments or pretenses. Love is pure energy. Allow it to flow through you like bright healing golden light from above.
  • Love is a great healing power.  Sending the Creator an SMS of love will reverberate through your psyche and generate an immediate feeling of well being.
  • Once again being pure Spirit, the Creator, does not need your love, but the very act of thinking loving thoughts will tune your mind to that frequency with remarkable and immediate results.

Thank you:

  • As stated  earlier, whatever your petition or concern, the moment you take responsibility for its occurrence and seek a way out–you are guaranteed a response.
  • Almost invariably the response will never be what you expect (or in some cases want)–but what you need to start the process of healing or reconstruction.
  • Your “thank you” is the acknowledgement that your petition has been heard and acted upon–that is all.

I release you:

  • Stress in our bodies create dis-ease. Consider the divine is willing to accept all your concerns and worries. Breathe out any remaining struggles. Release.
  • Release all attachments and considerations.
  • Release all patterns that no longer serve you, your community and the world.
  • Release anything else that comes to mind.
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