Polarity Therapy is a gentle and holistic (body, mind and spirit) approach to healing which works beautifully in conjunction with body massage, stretching, (such as yoga stretches) diet and nutrition. Polarity is the basic pattern of energy flow in and throughout everything in nature, including the human body. The principle of polarity is all around us: night and day, hot and cold, pleasure and pain, grief and joy, high and low. When we think of the circuitry in electricity, for example, we know there are positive and negative “poles” as well as “neutral” or grounding pole.


In a healthy body this flow of energy is in a continuous spiraling motion from the top of the body moving downward, and from the center outward. The outward flow of positive energy is expressed in our motor functions; the returning flow of negative energy is expressed in our sensations. The central (neutral) point from which all energy flows from and returns to is the source of life and energy. It is what animates the body and all of nature. The spiraling energies of the five chakras are the points from which the energy flows and are named after the five elements they represent: ether, air, fire, water and earth.


Polarity treatment helps you to identify the areas in your body where stress is held and there is pain, whether physical, mental or emotional. By touching the opposing polarity points related to the affected area of your body, the flow of energy in that area is balanced and the blockages to the energy flow is released. Some of the things that can block energy flow can be stress as a result of emotional, mental or physical trauma, emotional, mental or physical pain or grieving over a loss. Client education can help you identify the areas in your life that are the sources of blocked energy and can help you restore and transform your body, mind and spirit to wholeness and vitality. As in any form of healing, self-awareness is a key element to the process. Polarity, combined with diet, exercise and body work can help you restore and transform your life and move forward with renewed vision and purpose.

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