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What is Turning Stones Show?

Turning Stones is the show where we discuss the topics of the human experience. This is a show about questions and the exploration of the journey of our unfolding path. We are here to offer conversation and to create space where conscious awareness can awaken within each of us.  We are all intimately connected in the evolution of the Universe and we invite you to join us in this discovery of purpose and life.

Join the conversation each Sunday morning at 9am (Arizona Time). We will release the latest episode and  continue the journey through the human experience. Connect with us though our social media platforms  which can be found on each page.

Thank you for joining us each week and sharing with your tribe. Watch the video to learn more about Turning Stones Show.

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How the conversation started.

APRIL 17  2016

Text message to Jesse from Dave:

You and I are going to host a YouTube show and subsequent podcast on modern spirituality in a trans-rational world. This will be a place where we can discuss life and interview guests. Start thinking of content and guests to have on the show. You have too much within you to just hibernate inside of your cave! On Sunday afternoons we will transform your space into a TV studio and film the weekly episodes that will be watched by millions of people around the world.

Text response from Jesse to Dave:

Wow! That sounds awesome. I am in. You have put a huge smile on my face.

We agreed to meet a few days later at his business in Phoenix, the Jesse James Body Wellness Center. Jesse and I always have great conversations when we get together. He has had so many great experiences and has a unique perspective on life. But this time there was a different feel. There was an air of excitement and a feeling of gravity to our discussion. As I walked in I said,

“We are going to call it Turning Stones”.

He said,

“Because we are looking for meaning underneath the surface”!

We high fived and hugged!

This combination of synergy that Jesse and I share led us to our first filming, editing and subsequent launching of the Turning Stones Show. It has been a swift and rapid start and we are only just beginning to scratch the surface of what is yet to come. Keep watching each week and interacting with us. It is my desire for this to be a place where you can develop a sense of community and find a place where you belong. 

Join in the conversation and let your voice be heard. This is not a show about answers this is a show about questions and questioning. Listen, watch, talk with us in community with each other and continue your journey in this amazing human experience. ~ David Marsh

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