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Jesse James became interested in massage more than a decade ago after receiving a massage and realizing how much tension he had stored in his body. Jesse was amazed not only at how good it felt to have that tension released but how much more productive and happier he was as a result. At that moment, he knew he had to be part of something that could bring such freedom and ease to people.

Since that time, Jesse James has dedicated himself to the practice of massage. Jesse is the creator of the incredibly popular Jesse James Method™ that is fast becoming the preferred method of bodywork for athletes and health professionals! Jesse has amassed more than 2,000 hours of training (holding the title of Master) and has delivered thousands of massages, totaling more than 10,000 hours of on-body work.

Jesse has also received hundreds of hours of additional training in yoga (I am licensed to teach), advanced myo-therapy, and energy release reflexology, all in pursuit of becoming the best body-worker possible.

Through his extensive training and on-body work experience, he developed a unique massage method—which called the Jesse James Method™. This method of massage bodywork unerringly releases the past patterns of tension that have been stored for years—perhaps even decades—in the memory of your muscle tissue. When your body releases those past patterns there is restoration of health, vitality and freedom of movement that you may never have thought possible!

When you tap into the power of your mind, body and spirit through bodywork you give yourself the gift of a lifetime, a gift Jesse says he is profoundly honored to deliver. Jesse’s greatest reward is in seeing patients living lives in synergy, freedom and harmony.

Your partner in Synergy, Freedom and Harmony,

Jesse James Ferrell, Master Massage Therapist
Creator of the Jesse James Method™

Discover how you can benefit from the Jesse James Method™

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