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Jesse James Method™
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Fine-tune your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being; for peak performance in your daily life.


Detox and cleanse your whole body. You are only 30 days from a healthier, happier more fit you. Join me!


60 days of entrepreneur soul coaching to create a thriving healing arts practice and a passionate life, worth living for.

I AM PROJECT ~ Men Empowered

Are you living life at your full potential? Join me for a 60 day journey and BEcome the man your proud of.

Since 2001, Jesse James has been delivering transformational results in the community. He thrive’s on creating a lifestyle that will support you, for a lifetime of health and happiness. Always expanding his vision to support your changing needs, he loves making a difference in a global community through his soul coaching, the I AM Project for men, Jesse James Method™ and Turning Stones Show co-host.

Spend some time to get to know Jesse and please connect with him. You will be happy with your choice. Guaranteed, reliable results since 2001.

Jesse James Body Wellness

Jesse James Body Wellness

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Here what our customers say

  • This is a true wellness healing center! Nestled in a perfect location, with several surrounding eatery's it's a gem! I went in with a level 8 pain in shoulder, hips and lower back from old motor vehicle accidents, etc. I've tried EVERYTHING including 2 chiropractic procedures under anesthesia and still have pain. In one session with Jesse my pain dropped to a 2 and gets better by the day. Jesse brings so much love, knowledge and intuitive talent it's almost indescribable! With all his powerful modalities, cupping, aromatherapy, body work, energy etc. you get exactly what you need. Jesse knows what your body needs even if you don't. He is bringing health to individuals and the community with his center. Workshops, smoothies, community, healing... it's ALL here! I'd chill, work or hang out in his lounge any day over Starbucks! His team is just as loving, caring and energetic.I've known Jesse for years and never came to him for services! Now I'll never go anywhere else for massages and healing work. Don't wait... your health is too precious!

    Lori E. Dr. Sex Talk - client since 2014
  • Thanks Jesse for sharing your knowledge with all of us. I am a huge proponent of client education to engage them in co-creating with their healing practitioners a future of sustainable health. Kudos!!!

  • I received 4 consecutive Jesse James Massage sessions in a past 2 months and each time it has been absolutely outstanding experience!!! As a result of high intensity training on daily basis I often experience physical and emotional stress, soreness all over my body, fatigue and low energy. Even after my 1st JJM session i instantly felt rejuvenated, more flexible, stronger, my recovery sped up tremendously and allowed me much greater fitness performance. I can even see a huge difference in my sleep quality, over all energy level and mood. I can definitely say that JJM offers most amazing approach tailored exactly to fit the needs of each individual. I am a huge fan and would recommend it to anyone 100%!!!!!

    Olga B. Client since 2012, Fitness Contestant
  • Frozen Shoulder FREEDOM!!!

    I had Jesse James Massage my shoulder which is diagnosed with encapsulitis (frozen shoulder). In just an hour I was able to move my shoulder more freely and and had a much wider range of movement! Thank you Jesse for your knowledge and expertise - I know I am in good hands.
    Andrea Parker-Swenson, Client since 2010 Non-Profit Liaison
  • I just finished five, 2 hour sessions with Jesse James Massage. The results were FANTASTIC! These massages weren't like your everyday massage where you go in, get your massage, feel good for the day, and your done. These massages LAST! After my first massage my flexibility INSTANTLY increased, allowing me to increase my bench press by 25 lbs. Before I started these massages, I had some shoulder problems (for about 6 years). Because of those shoulder problems I had trouble sleeping and doing normal physical activities. But now, I sleep great, the pain is almost unnoticeable, and I can do the physical stuff I love. On top of all that, my libido increased and my relationship with my fiance got even better. I had more patience with day to day aggravations at work which led to a better work performance. I really can't say enough about the experience I had with Jesse James Massage. Before I was a sceptic (with ALL massages), now, I am a believer and am addicted to Jesse James Massage. I will be getting routine Jesse James Massages from here on out.

    Trevor Hearl, Client since 2012 Merchant Solutions Representative
  • The Jesse James Massage Method is for anyone who demands the best of their body and mind. It is a whole-body treatment process, intuitively designed to release the muscles so they can heal and work as designed. As a result of working with my JJM therapist over the last few years, I have come to understand how something as simple as decision making impacts my body, and how my body compensates over time by holding in the effects of stress and shock. When you consider the literally thousands of decisions we make every day from the moment we get out of bed, it’s not hard to imagine how chronic pain begins to develop and sustain over time! I first came to Jesse James Massage to assist with healing neck and shoulder pain I had been suffering, but over time I have consistently experienced greater mental clarity, dramatic improvement in my workouts and rapid recovery. I say the JJM method vastly promotes the body’s ability to heal itself (my empirical evidence being that I don’t think I’ve been sick since becoming a client) and so I now recommend Jesse James Massage to everyone I know.

    Monique Whitney - Client since 2010 PR Marketing Development
  • I went to Jesse originally because I was doing a lot of cardio and weight training work and my body was trying to keep up. I am bulky and I tend to carry a lot of mass which means I can get very tight with severe knots and restricted movement. My first session with Jesse was nothing short of amazing. He has a unique way of getting you connected to your body mentally allowing for a great session. I have been getting massages on a regular basis for years now and I am very selective on who I will allow work on me. The only way to describe Jesse's work is Transformational. I was able to gain movement in my arms and my body that I never knew was possible. This made every aspect of my life more functional, I never realized how free my body could be. Highly recommend Jesse James Massage for anyone who is looking to reclaim their body free of pain, and enjoy life at a higher level. Great Work!

    Martin Wilson Client since 2011, CEO Titaneer
  • Enable Your Care is proud to endorse Jesse James Massage beautiful gift to our patients.

    What I would say about the Jesse James Method, for many people the idea of getting a massage is more a nice to have vs a need. In a day and age where we rush to do everything, we forget to care for our bodies inside and out. We utilize our bodies like a Mac truck but forget to refuel, quality check, and thank it for getting us from point A to point B. The Jesse James Method teaches, loving your body, understanding what it's telling you, and providing it down time will provide years of memorable moments. I had to hit rock bottom to find my way to a Jesse James Massage table, I had to slow down long enough to grasp the concept, I had to listen and for me this does not come easy. I told Jesse one day walking out that I felt as though the Jesse James Method spoke to your muscles, with every glide of the motion it released years of damage. It's not a single session. Put it this way, it took you years to create the damage it will take time to repair. As a provider in healthcare I include massage as a part of treatment planning. Ask yourself, "when was the last time I gave my body true love"? If the answer does not come quickly I suggest you book a series of appointment and experience the Jesse James Method. After an amazingly long week, I was provided a wonderful opportunity to be healed with massage by my dear friend Jesse James Ferrell. A master in his trade, he provided healing through a variety of massage techniques! I spent two hours at the mercy of his hands. Enable Your Care is proud to endorse Jesse James Massage beautiful gift to our patients and we look forward to partnering with Jesse and his team in the days to come. Friends, I encourage each of you to visit Jesse James Massage website and consider true healing! Jesse reminded me this evening that while I spend a lot of time helping others, I need to remember to take care of myself as well. This is easily over looked sometimes, I am anxious to provide myself healing and have signed up/committed to total wellness for myself and my patients! Thank you Jesse for once again, helping me to provide gratitude and love back to my body!  I am on my way now to Jesse and look forward to the teachings of Jesse James Method.
    Lindsey Kroll, Client since 2005 Patient Advocate