People are free from pain and performing at their highest level possible.


The Jesse James Method™ exceeds expectations, delivering predictable, reliable results that transform people’s experience of freedom, strength, synergy and harmony in their bodies. People’s transformative experience creates a demand in the industry for superior, standardized bodywork.



SERVICE: To give the very best in quality bodywork educating clients to live fully in the present moment, connected to their body, mind and spirit, free from the past and future.

HEALTH: To educate, implement and live by example.

INTEGRITY: To honor our word, keeping a powerful context for our clients health, while teaching them be responsible for the creation of their well-being.

WISDOM: To have a mindful awareness of the gift of intuition and insight. To create and communicate a treatment plan of action with clients, while gratefully being used by infinite divine knowledge and consciousness.

RECOGNITION: To receive achievement awards and referrals for the superior results produced. To be a demand in the industry as practitioner, instructor, coach and motivational speaker.


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