• Thank-you so much for the fantastic massage. That weird pain I've had in my knee has finally, after two months, disappeared! You're the best. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! 

    Michone Ouellette, D.C. client since 2007 Doctor of Chiropractic
  • This is a true wellness healing center! Nestled in a perfect location, with several surrounding eatery's it's a gem! I went in with a level 8 pain in shoulder, hips and lower back from old motor vehicle accidents, etc. I've tried EVERYTHING including 2 chiropractic procedures under anesthesia and still have pain. In one session with Jesse my pain dropped to a 2 and gets better by the day. Jesse brings so much love, knowledge and intuitive talent it's almost indescribable! With all his powerful modalities, cupping, aromatherapy, body work, energy etc. you get exactly what you need. Jesse knows what your body needs even if you don't. He is bringing health to individuals and the community with his center.

    Workshops, smoothies, community, healing... it's ALL here! I'd chill, work or hang out in his lounge any day over Starbucks! His team is just as loving, caring and energetic.I've known Jesse for years and never came to him for services! Now I'll never go anywhere else for massages and healing work. Don't wait... your health is too precious!

    Dr. Lori Ebert, client since 2014 Dr. Sex Talk
  • I had Jesse James massage my shoulder which is diagnosed with encapsulitis (frozen shoulder). In just an hour I was able to move my shoulder more freely and and had a much wider range of movement! Thank you Jesse for your knowledge and expertise - I know I am in good hands.

    Andrea Parker-Swenson, client since 2010 Non-Profit Liaison
  • After years of chiropractic care with Dr. Josh Haggard he referred me to get a Jesse James Massage. He felt like this would help my low back and legs. My IT band is wound so tight you could play music on it. I went to see Jesse and here is what happened... I was cupped, not copped! 

    Chinese Cupping is an ancient form of muscle healing therapy.  It involves the placement of several small glass hemispheres with suction cups that when positioned over a muscle and activated, draw blood to the area for healing all kinds of ailments.  In my case, the blood helped separate a layer of protective tissue from the muscles so they could receive hydration more effectively, improving the state of my muscles that resemble beef jerky (as he described my condition so I could understand it).  

    Jesse's therapy is unique.  I have been getting massages for over 20 years. I am an active skier and work out 3-4 times a week. I have also suffered with low back pain. Within 3 sessions with Jesse my low back pain had almost disappeared. Jesse's approach to my low back issue was unlike any other therapy I have ever had and it is EFFECTIVE. No two bodies are alike; nor should be massage therapy. 

    Read the testimonials before mine and be assured we all write in unison. Recently I injured my back again. This has been a reoccurring injury. Last time it took over 6 months to heal. Jesse said because of the work we have been doing you will recover much faster this time, even within weeks. I wanted to believe Jesse but history has a way of reminding me.

    Thank you Jesse and Dr. Josh for getting me back on my feet in only as couple of weeks. Go see Jesse and get a Jesse James Massage and go see Dr. Josh. They are both MASTERS in their field.

    Russ Pomerantz, client since 2011 Community Liaison
  • The Jesse James Massage Method is for anyone who demands the best of their body and mind. It is a whole-body treatment process, intuitively designed to release the muscles so they can heal and work as designed. As a result of working with my JJM therapist over the last few years, I have come to understand how something as simple as decision making impacts my body, and how my body compensates over time by holding in the effects of stress and shock.

    When you consider the literally thousands of decisions we make every day from the moment we get out of bed, it’s not hard to imagine how chronic pain begins to develop and sustain over time! I first came to Jesse James Massage to assist with healing neck and shoulder pain I had been suffering, but over time I have consistently experienced greater mental clarity, dramatic improvement in my workouts and rapid recovery.

    I say the JJ Method vastly promotes the body’s ability to heal itself (my empirical evidence being that I don’t think I’ve been sick since becoming a client) and so I now recommend Jesse James Massage to everyone I know.

    Monique Whitney, client since 2010 PR Marketing Development
  • He intuitively knows and understands where the chinese accupunture channels are and works to open them. Jesse is an extremely intuitive massage therapist who has an incredible knowledge of the human muscular system. He works with and finds the connecting points of muscles at the skeletal source. This is important in that he is able to work to release the tension and obstructions at their source.

    This type of work is very intense as it releases stored emotions as well as any body memories that may be stored in those tight muscles. I have received this type of therapeutic massage in the past and feel that Jesse’s work is far superior to any other massage therapist that I have worked with. He described himself, via his clients, as fearless. I prefer to refer to him as extremely intense. He will ignore your protests when he sees that you will be better served to work though the issue in the muscle rather than avoid it.

    Jesse takes what he has learned and experienced, applying the techniques to the individual. Jesse is respectful of a client’s energy and works to rebalance it individually. This rebalancing is used to help transition the client back to reality. His massages often send the client into an altered space as a result of the physical, mental and emotional release that takes place during a session. He intuitively knows and understands where the chinese acupuncture channels are and works to open them.

    Personally Jesse, I thank you for trusting me and feeling comfortable to use me as a sounding board. At first this felt a bit awkward but there was an intimacy that I felt in this process. My body is on a better path of healing and your work with me allowed for this transition. It was a reminder to self that my body needs as much care as my mind.

    Timothy Swift MA, ND, client since 2005 Naturopathic Doctor
  • I am so grateful to have found Jesse! I’ve been training in Taekwon-Do since I was 4 yrs old and competing internationally with the U.S. ITF Taekwon-Do Team since 1995. In 2004, I was Team Captain and we won the World Championships in South Korea. In addition to the physical training and eating right, massage was a crucial part of my training. It helped my body recover from intense workouts and allowed my body to come back from injuries faster than I thought possible. When I began getting massages from Jesse and it was like night and day comparing Jesse to massages I’ve had in the past. I’ve used therapists that range from $150 to $250 per session and none of them have produced the results I’ve seen since working with Jesse. His ability to scan the body and pin point what is going on with you in a matter of minutes, even seconds astounds me! I’ll come in talking about something wrong with my back and after 10 minutes of him working on my calf, my back feels great! He’s a master at seeing what your body is dealing with and what it really needs. I’m currently training for the Taekwon-Do World Cup in Las Vegas in 2010 and I know Jesse will be a big part of my success.

    Johnny Karstadt, client since 2009 Taekwon-Do World Champion
  • I left learning so much more about myself. I’ve never been one to define my past relationships as abusive. I’ve never been physically hit by men I dated; verbally, or mentally abused. I’ve just been hurt. Yet, somehow I can relate even to friends of mine who have felt beaten down. I have felt pain through the selfish behaviors of takers, I have placed in my life. A man I dated for years, although he still continued to cheat. I grew up in a home where it was OK to discipline by hitting your child. Even if the hitting came from a grown man, who lead with his own anger and pain. My father, who’s intentions may have been good, sometimes lead me to believe that in life you are intended to walk on egg shells. Asking permission to be loved or to love another, rather than just loving freely. I have carried that through my life. Leading me into my grown up relationships. My mother carried the same burdens. And as a child, the pain I identified her with, I began to identify in myself, as an adult. The abuse that we don’t call, “abuse” when it is drawn inwards and internalized. The type of anger that festers disease and pain, unseen to anyone else. I came to Jesse James Massage, after I had a car accident. I had some contusion to the right side of my chest, and my Chiropractor, Dr. David Doperak, had suggested a medical massage, to release some of the stress and tension I was feeling through out my body, while my chest area was healing. My body felt out of whack. During the car accident, I had felt a deep source of numbing pain and heat forcing at my chest, at the time of impact. My Primary Care Physician found that I had costochondritis; small tears or bruised ligaments, tendons and muscles, possible fractures to the sternum or surrounding ribs. All items that take approximately eight weeks to heal. As my chiropractor, Dr. Dave, focused on the strain and stress of ligaments to my neck, we began to realize how other factors, like bruising in my chest, was prolonging the healing process of my spine and impeding my ability to establish a correct posture. I felt I was constantly straining my mid back, to compensate for the pain in my chest. I came to Jesse, just to help me release tension and stress through out my body, caused by the contusion to my right chest, during my car accident. But I left learning so much more about myself. A mind and body connection, that has become so valuable to my overall healing. This is the part where I want to talk about depression. I have now shared with you, my relationship tendencies, and even a part of my childhood. But I haven’t confessed to some of the resulting effects of having internalized this despair. What internalizing sadness, pain, anxiety and fear has looked like for me. It’s not pretty. But it is fair that I share it as well, in order to really explain what I am wanting to convey to you. Have you ever woken up in the mornings, day after day, feeling levels of anxiety, that were haunting to the mind? Self defeating thoughts racing through your head of all the “horrible” things that you have done and of all of the things you have yet to accomplish. This feeling of “where the hell am I”, and “how did I get here”? Have you ever just layed on your couch for as many hours or even days as you possibly could, in fear? Not wanting to move an inch, as if in doing so, you could shake the fear into the rest of your body, and possibly become dead all over. Have you not eaten for days and days, surviving off of protein shakes and water, because sadness sat too strong in your heart to digest anything, anymore? Often we snap out of depression, but hardly ever do we address the long term effects that these depression cycles have on our bodies. Or how deep rooted memories of childhood, or life experiences can distort our physical body and our muscle memory. As we carry pain, we begin to express it through our bodies. And in some cases, I believe, the long term effects can be seen in how we carry our spine, our posture, how we walk or rotate our muscle to create our daily movements. The state of body, not just our mind, tells us a lot about how we feeling and where we are. And if we feed and heal our bodies, our mind begins to clear and sifts through our thoughts, in order to create a healthier and more loving space. During my first session with Jesse James, I created my intention. I established three words that would define my intention for life. “My life is filled with creativity, strength, and resilience”. As I continued my sessions, stating my intention, helped with the creation of new muscle memory. I began to become more conscious of the correct posture my Chiropractor and I were working to create. Your posture has such a great deal to do with how well your organs function, since your spine supports your nervous system. It in itself, is a volatile organ. The healing process from my car accident began to progress tremendously. Although, I only came to Jesse to receive help with the pain I was experiencing from my car accident. I came with an open mind, that anything was possible. Within my first sessions, I began to work on my breathing technique. As I began this rigorous massage therapy, I used my breath to breathe into the areas of massage we were working on. I would state my intention, as to where I chose to be, after releasing the existing tension and stress I was feeling. As I did this, to my surprise, I also became aware of and began to dispose negative words I carried, such as sadness, fear, panic, negative talk, weakness, procrastination, apathy, disassociation, abusing myself, talking down to myself, repetitive thoughts. Holding my breath in fear that someone might hit me or abuse me. Defensiveness, avoidance, denial, apologetic, deep distrust. I was asked, what are you feeling. I stated simply, “I will not be hit anymore. No one can hit me”. I realized how long I had been holding back straining, tightening my spine in poor posture and in fear. Walking on egg shells. Not realizing that I was trying to protect my back, rather than believing I am strong enough to react when necessary. I released at my mid spine, and worked on understanding how to be strong and resilient, and not always at a state of hyper anxiety or defensiveness. The first massage, focused specifically waist down feet. Yet the resulting effects were in my mid back, neck and chest. As I felt a drastic reduction of pain in my right chest were I had suffered injury during the car accident. I also began to realize in this session, that the pain I felt in my mid back came from years of trying to protect heart, rather than the car accident. The warmth I felt from the car accident was a my chest being shaken up and possibly the release of all that energy I had tensed up inside. I moment of awareness. During my second session, I continued with my intention of a life filled with creativity, strength and resilience. In this session, I left flexible, loosened at the hip joints, my shoulders dropped. My feet were planted correctly to the ground, and the corns on my feet were subsiding. The physical impressions to my body were obvious at sight. My chiropractic sessions were resulting in better adjustments. I was heading to my Karate classes with lots of energy and agility, My kicks where higher, faster and stronger. Working through the tension in my throat, chest, and clavicle areas helped me in developing a better tone when singing. My head was light, and my thoughts were clear. My mental energy (my Chi) had a free flow of thoughts. A lack of strain, I hadn’t felt in a while. In this session we began the work from waist to neck. We focused on the health of my spine. I felt the release of tension in my mid back and shoulders. Within my third session, I began to experience a space where I was able to release deep rooted pain. While we focused on a full body massage, we attended to my the areas between my scapula and my mid back. It is hard for me to explain what I began to feel at this moment. As I continued to establish my intention, I was in a place where it only made sense that I let go of pain that I carried so deep at my heart; convincing myself that it was OK to do this. My heart began to release, my spine at my mid back began to de-compress back to it’s healthy posture. There was no need to hold on, my chest felt open. A release of negative energy that had been stored for so long. No matter where you are at in your healing process, or even if you are just looking to center your thoughts, taking yourself through a physical healing process in combination to mental healing, makes complete sense to me now. It’s amazing the experiences we inhabit as human beings, and where our bodies begin the withhold the energy from these experiences. Full body health is about, learning how to release this energy in healthy way. Knowing how to process it, and grow from it. I feel there is a true connection between how our bodies can distort in time, and the things we experience through life. Taking these steps with the Jesse James Method has helped me to take a holistic process restoring my health. Dr. Dave once mentioned to me in amazement, “How do people begin to loose track of the obvious? Their left shoulder will be higher than their right shoulder, their head will be tilted to one side or the other. Their posture begins to fade. How do we miss those things when we look at ourselves in the mirror every day?” And I said, “Sometimes as “life happens” to us, we become distanced from our bodies. Unaware of our selves. We become disconnected with who we are and ourselves in the mirror. We don’t see ourselves like once did as children; with amazement and wonder and loving ourselves.” There is nothing wrong with reconnecting again... Thank you Jesse! With Love and Gratitude to the experience, P.S. Due to the very personal nature of this testimonial my client has asked to remain anonymous. Her desire is to make a difference with men or women who may have similar pain.

    Anonymous Student, Client since 2011 Tissue Whisperer
  • Twenty years since my car accident and I feel parts of my body. THANK YOU!!! Please rest assured that Jesse is very professional and does the best massage I have ever had. I use him as medicine, as he cures the aches and extreme pain that I sometimes accrue due to being an artist bent over my canvas all day. I feel very safe when I am at his house getting a massage and trust him completely.

    Jesse is a very talented massage therapist. He specializes in deep tissue work, but is able to perform a variety of different styles -- even within a session -- depending on the need. He is highly intuitive, and addresses the needs of his clients in a professional, yet personal manner.

    I highly recommend Jesse to anyone searching for a "higher level" experience.

    Rebecca Bergman, client since 2004 Artist
  • I received 4 consecutive Jesse James Massage sessions in a past 2 months and each time it has been absolutely outstanding experience!!! As a result of high intensity training on daily basis I often experience physical and emotional stress, soreness all over my body, fatigue and low energy.

    Even after my 1st JJM session I instantly felt rejuvenated, more flexible, stronger, my recovery sped up tremendously and allowed me much greater fitness performance. I can even see a huge difference in my sleep quality, over all energy level and mood. I can definitely say that JJM offers most amazing approach tailored exactly to fit the needs of each individual. I am a huge fan and would recommend it to anyone 100%!!!!!

    Olga, client since 2012 Fitness Contestant
  • I went to Jesse originally because I was doing a lot of cardio and weight training work and my body was trying to keep up. I am bulky and I tend to carry a lot of mass which means I can get very tight with severe knots and restricted movement. My first session with Jesse was nothing short of amazing. He has a unique way of getting you connected to your body mentally allowing for a great session.

    I have been getting massages on a regular basis for years now and I am very selective on who I will allow work on me. The only way to describe Jesse's work is Transformational. I was able to gain movement in my arms and my body that I never knew was possible. This made every aspect of my life more functional, I never realized how free my body could be. Highly recommend Jesse James Massage for anyone who is looking to reclaim their body free of pain, and enjoy life at a higher level. Great Work!

    Martin Wilson, client since 2011, CEO Titaneer
  • Quite frankly, I always thought massage was a bunch of bullshit! I had no desire to lay down while someone rubs me with no potential for long-term benefit...what a waste of time! Well, that was until I had the privilege of a Jesse James Massage. Wow! Far from a fluff n' buff, but it's massage by design. It's designed to actually make a difference and not just make you feel good. Folks, if you want to feel good, go out with your friends. On the other hand, if you want to improve your overall health and function call Jesse NOW! He's single-handedly changed my mind about massage. 

    Dr. David J. Doperak, client since 2011 Doctor of Chiropractic
  • What I would say about the Jesse James Method, for many people the idea of getting a massage is more a nice to have vs a need. In a day and age where we rush to do everything, we forget to care for our bodies inside and out. We utilize our bodies like a Mac truck but forget to refuel, quality check, and thank it for getting us from point A to point B. The Jesse James Method teaches, loving your body, understanding what it's telling you, and providing it down time will provide years of memorable moments. I had to hit rock bottom to find my way to a Jesse James Massage table, I had to slow down long enough to grasp the concept, I had to listen and for me this does not come easy. I told Jesse one day walking out that I felt as though the Jesse James Method spoke to your muscles, with every glide of the motion it released years of damage. It's not a single session. Put it this way, it took you years to create the damage it will take time to repair. As a provider in healthcare I include massage as a part of treatment planning. Ask yourself, "when was the last time I gave my body true love"? If the answer does not come quickly I suggest you book a series of appointment and experience the Jesse James Method. After an amazingly long week, I was provided a wonderful opportunity to be healed with massage by my dear friend Jesse James Ferrell. A master in his trade, he provided healing through a variety of massage techniques! I spent two hours at the mercy of his hands. Enable Your Care is proud to endorse Jesse James Massage beautiful gift to our patients and we look forward to partnering with Jesse and his team in the days to come. Friends, I encourage each of you to visit Jesse James Massage website and consider true healing! Jesse reminded me this evening that while I spend a lot of time helping others, I need to remember to take care of myself as well. This is easily over looked sometimes, I am anxious to provide myself healing and have signed up/committed to total wellness for myself and my patients! Thank you Jesse for once again, helping me to provide gratitude and love back to my body!  I am on my way now to Jesse and look forward to the teachings of Jesse James Method.

    Lindsey Kroll, client since 2005 Patient Advocate
  • I just finished five, 2 hour sessions with Jesse James Massage. The results were FANTASTIC! These massages weren't like your everyday massage where you go in, get your massage, feel good for the day, and your done. These massages LAST!

    After my first massage my flexibility INSTANTLY increased, allowing me to increase my bench press by 25 lbs. Before I started these massages, I had some shoulder problems (for about 6 years). Because of those shoulder problems I had trouble sleeping and doing normal physical activities. But now, I sleep great, the pain is almost unnoticeable, and I can do the physical stuff I love. On top of all that, my libido increased and my relationship with my fiance got even better. I had more patience with day to day aggravations at work which led to a better work performance.

    I really can't say enough about the experience I had with Jesse James Massage. Before I was a sceptic (with ALL massages), now, I am a believer and am addicted to Jesse James Massage. I will be getting routine Jesse James Massages from here on out.

    Trevor Hearl, client since 2012 Baseball Player
  • I am pleased to unreservedly recommend Jesse Ferrell as an outstanding massage therapist. I first met him in an educational seminar in 2006. I am a nurse practitioner by profession, and in my many years of experience have always referred clients only to colleagues whose work and character I personally know to be impeccable. Because Jesse's work with me has resulted in significant pain reduction and increased flexibility, it is my privilege to share the good news with others.

    You will be nurtured by Jesse's professional and sensitive demeanor as well as the safe and tranquil ambience of his home-based office. Please feel free to contact me if you have other questions.

    Be well. 

    Carol Finney, client since 2006 Nurse Practitioner
  •  No matter how hard I play he can restore my body to full health. Jesse has been my exclusive masseuse for more than five years because his massages do more than just work the kinks out of my muscles; they invigorate and rejuvenate me. His deep-tissue massages always find the parts of my body that are out of whack, and Jesse doesn’t stop working those areas until they are, um, back in whack.

    Jesse’s massages allow me to get the most out of my body, whether it’s participating in the sports I love or just moving around in life. His deep tissue massages also give me the peace of mind to know that no matter how hard I play he can restore my body to full health. I have and will always recommend a Jesse James massage to everybody.

    DJ Burrough, client since 2004 Writer/Editor
  • Thanks Jesse for sharing your knowledge with all of us. I am a huge proponent of client education to engage them in co-creating with their healing practitioners a future of sustainable health. Kudos!!!

    Barbara Mays, client since 2007 Author

Twenty years since my car accident and I feel parts of my body. THANK YOU!!! Please rest assured that Jesse is very professional and does the best massage I have ever had. I use him as medicine, as he cures the aches and extreme pain that I sometimes accrue due to being an artist bent over my canvas all day. I feel very safe when I am at his house getting a massage and trust him completely. Jesse is a very talented massage therapist. He specializes in deep tissue work, but is able to perform a variety of different styles — even within a session — depending on the need. He is highly intuitive, and addresses the needs of his clients in a professional, yet personal manner. I highly recommend Jesse to anyone searching for a “higher level” experience. Rebecca Bergman, Client since 2004 Artist “I had more energy and clarity in my life. I consider myself a long-time client of Jesse’s since 2004, and I believe I can provide you with real testimonial of how his services have been a true benefit to improving the quality of my life. My job is extremely stressful since I manage both a five person customer service department and oversee inside sales for a number of national and international distributors for a local manufacturer. I average nine to ten hours a day at work and often have to bring work home with me. As a result, I have trouble with relieving the stress, pressure in my neck, back, and arms, soreness in my lower back from sitting at my desk, and general overload from problems and issues that come from work. When Jesse first offered his services at the tanning salon office, I was interested in seeing if massage therapy might be able to help. Through our discussions and initial therapeutic massages, I felt an immediate improvement in my overall health and well-being. I was able to release the stress and felt as if I had more energy and clarity in my life. Over the last three years, we have seen each other twice a month, occasionally more if I had a specific issue, and I prefer that the massages now take place at his home office than a public business. One reason I feel that way is because I am so relaxed and if my hair is messed up or I’m dressed in comfortable clothes I would not normally want anyone to see me in, I don’t have to be seen by strangers. Jesse’s home is absolutely beautiful, warm and inviting. The massage room in his house is comforting, private, and a serene environment I look forward to relaxing in. Professional offices do not always make me comfortable, just ask my dentist! I can also appreciate that the fees you charge for your services are not incorporating large overhead costs associated with renting a location in a building or strip mall, travel expenses you would incur, etc. Jesse is a true professional, clearly talented and knowledgeable about your work, and I have never felt uncomfortable with any of the conditions or therapy he has provided. His main interest is the well-being of his clients and he treat’s everyone with respect, courtesy, and true dedication to his work. I wish that I had the kind of rapport and understanding with my personal physician, dentist, and gynecologist that I have with Jesse. In a world that is so impersonal at times, it is wonderful to have the faith and trust I have in Jesse that I am receiving the best possible massage therapy I could find. Jesse is not only a great massage therapist but a truly great person who has a true interest in his clients. It isn’t just about the money, he cares! He’s a real gentleman and you’ll find him easy to talk to as well as very thorough in his work. I wish you the best from your therapy with him and hope you have an appointment scheduled soon – you deserve it! Rene Poole, Client since 2004 Commercial Sales “Rehabilitative, deep-tissue sports massage therapy. I have known Mr. Ferrell since 2004. As a mental healthcare professional myself, I believe strongly in the profound nature of the Mind-Body connection. I do not classify quality massage therapy as a “luxury” pursuit, but consider it an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. I have received regular massage therapy for many, many years from excellent therapists in private practice and from therapists at some of the finest health spas in the country. I have never come across a therapist that has surpassed Mr. Ferrell’s clinical skills, whether in the form of traditional Swedish massage or intense, rehabilitative, deep-tissue sports massage therapy. From the time the massage begins, he seems to have an innate ability to automatically know exactly what type of technique his client needs most at that moment, and which part/s of the body warrant the most attention during the massage session. Through my interaction with Mr. Ferrell, I believe that he always maintains the highest level of professionalism as a massage therapist, and that he has created an extremely comfortable environment for his clients. I have always been extremely pleased with Mr. Ferrell’s work personally, and believe in it enough to utilize him as a referral resource for my own clientele. Steven Nissenbaum, M.A. Client since 2005 Licensed Professional Counselor “Experience his mastery! I have been a client of Jesse’s for several years now. I started getting massages years ago when I lived in Arkansas. I got them to relieve the stress in my life and for the physical benefits they provided. I continue to get massages because they are of great benefit to my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I continue to get massages from Jesse because he is a master at what he does. I have experienced his mastery. I have experienced his gentle touch when needed and I have experienced his tenacity when I would have wanted to ask him to stop. I have experienced sessions from his massage menu and I have experienced sessions from his spa menu. Each has been awesome. Continuing with Jesse for massage work is a given for my well-being. Gerald Johnson, Client since 2005 Educator/Organist/Pianist-Semi-Retired “A gift. It is in his hands, his intuition, his breath. Tired of the impersonal reality of the “spa” experience, I began looking for a massage therapist that I could connect with. One that would understand my certainty that massage therapy, along with exercise and a good diet, is crucial to the mental and physical well being of a person. I believe I have found this in Jesse. He has created in his home office a place that is inviting and relaxing. From the music and pictures on the wall to the soft carpet, he has made a comforting, safe space. He even uses brown sheets on the massage table once in awhile, again getting away from the sterile environment found in most hotel spas. I am just beginning my journey with Jesse, and even after my very first session, I was in a much better place mentally and my stress level felt way down. That effect continues and seems to last longer with successive sessions. In fact, at the end of my latest treatment, my fourth, things really began to click for me. Jesse combines a lot of breathing with his massage strokes and it really makes a huge difference in how much you can receive. Something, after having a lot of massages over the years, I was neither told nor understood until now. Jesse has a gift. It is in his hands, his intuition, his breath and I feel grateful to have found him. Jennifer Harmon, Client since 2007 Homemaker and Mother “Safe and sacred space to simply relax and let go. I was simply amazed at the depth of massage Jesse provides! I’ve had a lot of bodywork done over the years, including the good, the bad and the ugly. First off, Jesse creates a very safe and sacred space to simply relax and let go. And for those, like myself, that are interested in releasing deeply held emotions that are “stuck” in the body, his work allows for that process. I was surprised by both the physical and emotional release I experienced with him. For example, one very sore knot that I had all year behind my heart finally let go! PHEW! Thank you Jesse for the fabulous massage’s! I feel GREAT! Gia Venturi, Client since 2009 Interior Designer “Half way through; I was convinced that I would not be returning to Jesse for any future massages. I had been putting off getting a massage because I was not able to find a Massage Therapist I liked. Recently, the health benefits of massage, as well as the work related stress I had been feeling finally motivated me to once again start the search for a Massage Therapist. After all, it was one of my New Year’s Resolutions, so about a month ago I finally decided to act on this resolution and start researching for a Massage Therapist. A friend of mine had an out of town guest (who happened to be a Massage Therapist) that went to AZ Massage Spa and got a Therapeutic Massage from Jesse Ferrell. He said it was one of the best massages he had ever had, so I thought that was good enough for me. I called Jesse and scheduled a massage. Finally a New Year’s Resolution I was going to actually achieve! Swedish Massages were the only type of massages I had had in the past. At the beginning of my appointment with Jesse, we discussed how I was feeling that day, my prior experience with massage and what my goals were for the massage. I let him know I was interested in achieving all the health related benefits of massage and he let me know that a Therapeutic Massage would be the right answer for me. My first Therapeutic Massage was an eye opening experience for me and half way though it I was convinced that I would not be returning to Jesse for any future massages. As I mentioned I was use to Swedish Massage, not Therapeutic Massage which is a much deeper, intense massage. Jesse explained to me the benefits of a Therapeutic Massage, although not as relaxing as a Swedish Massage when it is being delivered, stay with you much longer. After the massage was completed I felt really good, so good that I signed up for two additional massages (this from the guy who a short while earlier thought he would not be back to Jesse). The next day I woke up and felt like I was 25 years old again, not bad for a 44 year old Accountant. Therapeutic Massages from Jesse are going to continue to be a part of my future. Still coming every two weeks. Thank you Jesse! Steve Sereno Client since 2008 Accountant “Athletes looking for that performance edge? It might say Massage on Jesse’s business cards, but that’s a misnomer. Jesse James is a Therapist. There’s no easy breezy swedish rubdown here, a massage from Jesse is a body re-aligning experience. You’ll stand up taller, your tension will be relieved, and best of all, your body will heal itself faster. He is great for athletes looking for that performance edge. Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity Hernan Charry Client since 2010 Web Developer “Methodical, tenacious, patient and knowledgeable. I’m an athlete. I exercise daily. I have sought and received therapeutic massage for 22 years. I like a rigorous massage that effectively melts the knots in my muscles. Jesse has worked on me for the past eight months, and I’m here to tell you he will melt those knots if you let him. He’s the best of any masseurs I know – methodical, tenacious, patient and knowledgeable, and he uses sensuality and nurturing effectively to your benefit. Daren Krypa, Client since 2003 Author/Writer “Considerable benefits in my ability to manage stress. I started to see Jesse in 2004, when he was working out of the studio at the tanning salon. I am still a “regular” and have noticed considerable benefits in my health, especially in my ability to manage stress. Jesse is professional with a commitment to being a healer. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Corey Cox Client since 2004 Urban Developer “Redefining deep tissue work, and raising massage to its highest level of benefits. I am a 58 year old woman in the fitness and health profession. I have long believed in the importance of regular massage as part of a healthy life style. I have known a few excellent massage therapists, but Jesse Ferrell is truly in a league of his own. His knowledge and skills are quite extraordinary, his professionalism exemplary. Jesse combines these skills and professionalism with an intuitive and caring approach to each session. This is serious massage therapy, redefining deep tissue work, and raising massage to its highest level of benefits. Lyn Burns, Client since 2009 Personal Trainer “He listens to your breathing. Jesse is awesome, I got the best massage I’ve ever had. Not only does he ‘just know where to work’ he listens to your breathing, watches your body and hears what you say, in order to pin-point those magic spots that need attention. Thank you, Jesse I’ll keep coming back!!!! Lance Rampy, Client since 2004 Real Estate Agent “I’d benefit from it if I just let you go. I felt amazing last night…especially right after our session. It’s hard to explain. I have to be honest, I’ve never had a massage that deep before. Sorry if I was a bit of a wimp and so vocal. Wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it through a couple of those procedures, but really wanted to go the whole 9 yards. I know my back and neck are pretty screwed up and that I’d benefit from it if I just let you go. My shoulders are sore in spots today. I was able to ice down my back a couple times last night and again this morning. Only got about 20 minutes of Cardio in this morning, but will pick up again when I get home from the office. It was a great session. You had me contorted in ways I didn’t think were possible any longer. LOL!!! You have to be in absolutely remarkable shape to do that kind of treatment on people all day long. Thanks again, and I look forward to my follow-up on Saturday. Chris D., Client since 2006 “High level of awareness, caring and fun! This review commends Jesse Ferrell as an excellent massage therapist. It was a pleasure to have Jesse as a student in my Swedish Sedona class at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I found Jesse to be helpful with other students, always contributing a positive attitude to the class. When class was over and he had an opportunity to practice, Jesse invited me to his studio to receive a massage. I was impressed with the quality of his work and his willingness to receive feedback in order to further improve his work. He recently invited me for a follow up session so I could review his progress. Such devotion is sadly rare among former students. He brings a high level of awareness, caring, and fun as well as willingness to contribute to any environment he enters. Jesse gives an excellent massage and I would recommend him to work on anyone. Susan Pomfret, Client since 2003 Licensed Massage Therapist and Instructor “Magnificent facilitator of healing. I highly recommend Jesse without hesitation as a gifted massage therapist. Jesse was a student of mine at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. There he excelled in anatomy, physiology and has acquired more than 1000 hours in many different healing modalities. I have observed Jesse in many situations and he has an innate ability and superior knowledge for being a magnificent facilitator of healing. In short Jesse would be an asset for anyone. He is a wonderful person and a sharp clinician. He is personable, knowledgeable and has great integrity. He is a credit to his profession and to the community. I whole heartily recommend him to anyone. Nadene Nystuen, Client since 2002 Licensed Massage Therapist, Instructor and Nurse “DON’T miss out on this opportunity!!!!! I have been sharing about my experience and can hardly find the words to describe my massage with Jesse. Thank you Jesse, for who you are to health and vitality! DON’T miss out on this opportunity!!!!! Jesse you have a gift, can’t wait for the results that are beyond what I’ve already experienced in the past two hours!!!!! Malcolm Smith, Client since 2010 Nurse “Phenomenal. Jesse your massages are phenomenal! I leave there with muscles relaxed, life is amazing once again and SO peaceful. I especially enjoyed the last one I had, with meditation led by Swami. Maggie Mears, M.D., Client since 2007 “Jesse James Method is the ONLY sport massage that actually stops the muscle from spasming. After a visit to the gym I sometimes pull a muscle (or two). The Jesse James Method is the ONLY sport massage that actually stops the muscle from spasming. I’ve been to other massage therapists, but Jesse is the only person who seems to know what he is doing. He intuitively knows when to apply more or less pressure, works the attachment points, has a relaxing atmosphere for the massage, and knows a lot about nutrition and the body. I highly recommend the Jesse James Method. Rebecca Sachse, Client since 2005 Teacher/Photographer “I’m like a new man! I’m like a new man since discovering Jesse Ferrell. This guy is amazing! I get at least two, if not three massages a month and each time my body is so relaxed it is all I can do to get back in my car and face the real world. That hour on his heated table is absolute BLISS. Jesse is one of those Massage Therapists that really knows how to connect with his clients. He knows just what my body needs at that moment and uses just the right amount of pressure. I never have to worry about leaving his table with a knot or kink; they’ve been completely worked out. Mike Triggs, Client since 2009 Retail “Able to turn my head again! WOW!!! Best massage I have ever had. I actually was able to turn my head again afterward and really had circulation again in my neck. Very therapeutic and far more than “just a massage” from the chain stores for sure! Thank you Jesse James! Cheri Hull, Client since 2010 Business Consultant and Coach “A whole new me! Every time I see Jesse, I feel like a whole new me! Marcy Briggs Client since 2010 Licensed Loan Officer “Jesse ROCKS! Jesse ROCKS! I have had many Massage Therapists and each technique is different. Jesses technique while sometimes intense maintains a soothing and harmonious feel. He has a healing touch and massages differently each time. If you show up to Jesses table and expect the boring atypical Swedish Massage you will be pleasantly surprised by the Jesse James Technique. Donna Pontorno, Client since 2010 Account Manager “Jesse defines the word “intuitive” in massage. Jesse defines the word “intuitive” in massage. What this means is I don’t have to think about what I need when I make an appointment with Jesse. Most things in my life I prep for and have goals and targets of what I want to achieve. Jesse is able to listen, feel tension and stress and figure out in an hour how best to ease these symptoms and relax my body and mind. His voice is comforting, soothing but at the same time he is fully in control of the massage. The other thing I am totally amazed at each time I get a massage from Jesse is pressure. Jesse is amazingly strong he uses every part of his body to manipulate by muscles, stretch and ease tension. I am a large man, each time Jesse works on me he gets to the deepest part of my muscle tension. At the time it may feel even a little painful but the end result is always relaxation and allows me to move more freely. I have been going to Jesse for more than a year may be closer to 2 or 3 years. I don’t think I say enough thank you’s to Jesse he definitely has improved my quality of life through greater flexibility and range of movement Steve Salyer, Client since 2006 Technology My neck and shoulders are singing your praises! Jesse I wanted to thank you for the amazing massage this morning. I honestly don’t think my mid back, neck and shoulders have felt this relaxed and pain free in years. Looking forward to being on your table for some more Jesse James “torture” soon. You really do know what you are doing. Thank you. My neck and shoulders are singing your praises! John Krebs, Client since 2011 Hair Stylist “Drift into a mental paradise. This week I experienced my first massage from Jesse James. I have very bad back problems from being on my feet all day and lifting heavy merchandise as well as constant night terrors. Since my massage my back has not hurt me what so ever. Jesse got points and muscles on my body that really helped with my lower back completely release. As Jesse was ending my massage he worked on my scalp, neck and head allowing me to drift into a mental paradise. I felt so relaxed and comfortable in my surrounds that my body felt light, as if I was floating. Jesse told me that all our stress and emotion gets stored in our muscle tissue. That night when I slept, I did not have one single nightmare. I woke up refreshed and ready to take on my day. Thanks Jesse for the massage and wonderful experience. I got my Jesse James Massage at Tan United 4700 N. Central Ave. Phoenix AZ 85012. Dakota Silva, Client since 2011 Sales Asst. “He listens. I have been going to Jesse for a quite a few years now. What I enjoy most about his massages is that he listens to me and asks questions and continues to do so with every massage. I think of him more as a body worker than just a massage therapist, because he incorporates stretching into his services. Because of my trust and belief in him I am able to truly relax with every massage. Lew Gallo, Client since 2005 “Jesse knows his trade! I had been going to Massage Envy for a couple/few years when I bought a coupon deal for a ‘different’ type of massage from Jesse James. I had checked out his site and everyone seemed so delighted, I decided to try it as to tell you the truth – I just wasn’t feeling much change from my massages at the other place. WHAT a difference – Jesse really knows his trade! He learns and listens to your body and then focuses on making you better – in a holistic way. HIGHLY recommend him and his approach to massage and being well. Lynn F., Client since 2011 Management “Amazing knowledge, skill and intuition. WOW! That’s the very first word that came to mind after my first massage from Jesse. I had not heard of him prior to that first appointment, and was not getting regular bodywork performed. I had been seeing a chiropractor for a short time regarding some significant pain in my lower back, but decided that maybe I needed to see a massage therapist as well. I actually came across Jesse through a local deal site, and man, it was the best find EVER! He is the most intuitive massage therapist I’ve ever met, and has a keen sense of knowing just what the body needs, and just how far to go to get there. He is so experienced, and so knowledgable, he has worked out muscles that no one else seems to know even exist! My back pain is relieved, but he has gone on to work things out of my body that I didn’t even know could be achieved through massage. I know I have some emotional trauma stored in my body from childhood experiences. Jesse has actually been able to tap into the muscles holding onto these emotions, and I’ve been experiencing significant release, which is proving to be life changing. I cannot possibly thank him enough for the amazing and transformational work that he does. He is not just a massage therapist, or bodyworker, he is a healer. There is no bodyworker on the planet that I would recommend more than Jesse. He will truly change your life for the better! Best bodyworker. EVER. Jesse not only changes your body for the better with his work, he manages to change your life for the better too. Amazing knowledge, skill and intuition. He is, simply put, THE BEST! Angela P., Client since 2011 Office Manager “This is not your average massage! “HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! I was lucky enough to win a visit with Jesse through a silent auction! I read about his techniques and had high hopes he could help me with the horrible knots in my neck and shoulders and bring my body back to health. The first visit with Jesse left me feeling shaky, since my muscles were in dire need of attention and I had neglected them. Once I kept up the regular appointments I felt so much better than I had in years! This is not your average massage! If you want your knots truly worked out, you need to see Jesse! He will listen to your issues and focus where you need help. Karen S., Client since 2011 Operations Director “Stop wondering! My name is Dr. Dominic and I highly recommend Jesse James. I met Jesse through a networking group and liked his approach towards body work. As a doctor, I’ve been inundated with massage therapists who barely know the anatomy let alone how to treat difficult conditions. I am pleased to say that his techniques for opening up the neck and shoulders as well as the wrists and forearms have helped me tremendously. If you are reading this and wondering if he is a quality therapist, stop wondering and make an appointment to see him. You will be glad you did. Dominic Pisaro, Client since 2010 Doctor of Chiropractic and Physical Rehab “Most intense energy/healing work I have ever experienced. I am a Reiki master, and appreciate energy work as opposed to just body work. I recently had my first session with Jesse and was blown away! Not only was my body completely re-invigorated, but it was some of the most intense energy/healing work I have ever experienced. I can not say enough about how professional and amazing his skills are on the massage table. He is friendly, warm, caring, and has an amazing touch! Just my first session with Jesse cleared a huge block in my life that I have been dealing with for years! I’m sold! Do your body and soul a favor and book a session with Jesse! Roger Webb, Client since 2010 Alternative Behavioral Therapist “He has the touch! Jesse has been providing my massages exclusively since 2004! He has the touch. He makes sure that he connects with me and where he needs to focus for each massage. My muscles may be tight, ropes, overused or just plain tired and each time I leave I am rejuvenated and feel terrific. I would recommend his services to anyone who wants to move better. Recently I asked Jesse to provide a lymphatic massage since I was terribly sluggish, depressed and sore. I had not had my period in 7 months which told me my energy and lymphatic system was blocked. I also had old stagnant lymphatic drainage that had caused lumps under my breast. Jesse intuitively went to work on me doing a modified Polarity, energy focused release session and a lymphatic drainage. Immediately after the lymphatic massage I felt lighter, the lumps were completely gone. Within a couple of days I started my period. I also felt much more positive and more focused then I had in months. I was able to stop taking antidepressants and have a new energy. Thanks Jesse for the gift. Carolyn Green, Client since 2004 Nurse Practitioner “I call him my angel. He has a true gift of healing. Resort massages are nice if I want to feel relaxed while I sip on a glass of cucumber water, however I know with the demanding life I live I require the type of attention Jesse James provides. Life can be stressful at times and in the past two years I’ve had: sports injuries, a long-lasting (terrible!) head cold, started a new business, was in a car accident, traveled the US and parts of world which can repress the immune system, and through it all, Jesse James was there for me. Each time I was able to report what was going on in my life and miraculously, he would know exactly where healing healing was required. I call him my angel because he has a true gift of healing through deep tissue massage. Rather than carry around stress in my body, which can lead to chronic pain or disease, I stay connected to Jesse James so no matter what I’m up against I can move through life powerfully, healthily and with ease. Lisa Thonack Client since 2008 Business Owner “Do not cheat yourself! Jesse embodies the professional massage therapist – pursuing continuous seminars, peer education and constantly improving. Do not cheat yourself by shopping for the best prices, simply connect with Jesse and watch him tailor your sessions for maximum personal results. You won’t regret it. Kyle Gunderson, Client since 2005 Nurse “Avid massage receiver… My massage experience with Jesse has been like no other. As a avid massage receiver, I have truly benefitted from his method and have seen the results for almost a year now! I no longer have neck and shoulder issues and my migraines haven’t been around for a long time! Thank you Jesse! Sheree Hartwell Client since 2010 Business Owner “Old groin injury. I moved to Phoenix in December of 2010 for the opportunity to be trained directly by one of the world’s foremost martial arts masters. I realized immediately upon beginning training that an old tangle up of muscle/tendon in my groin was seriously inhibiting my lateral leg flexibility to the point I could not perform basic moves. A good fortune chance meeting introduced me to Jesse. After only a few two hour sessions I am already returning to a flexibility and movement capacity I have not been capable of for at least 3 years. I find Jesse’s style is one of intense focus, total presence & dedication, and a deep compassion & desire to support me in returning to full health & capability. I am very grateful for him and his treatment. I will be a client for a long time to come. Dave Masters Client since 2011 Personal Trainer “Five years of extreme stress!!! 2011 is the year I decided to heal and transform my physical body after five years of extreme levels of stress, a major car accident, loss and letting go. After months of working out, yoga, pilates and numerous weight training classes, I noticed that my muscles were becoming chronically sore and my left side especially my foot, had steady pain. Yoga was not opening my body and I was losing hope that my body would recover. I am in my late forties, have been physically active most of my life and although I don’t usually admit that age has anything to do with anything, I was beginning to wonder if age, was indeed, catching up with me. As a spirit led person, I asked for guidance and the perfect therapist to help me get back on track. I met Jesse at a party and knew instantly I wanted to work with him. As soon as he started the session I knew I was home. I have had many years of deep massage therapy work and had never met another therapist that did the level of work I truly needed. Jesse takes massage to a level that can only have transformative results. I can see why athletes trust Jesse to help them repair their bodies and keep them on track. Jesse has a high level of training and intuitive knowing of the body comes through on the first stroke. I do not trust my body to anyone. As a medium I have a level of awareness that I must listen to when dealing with people. Many times I get a loud and clear NO about a person, with Jesse I got a loud and clear YES and I thank my God/guides for prodding me to that party. I guess what surprised me the most with the work Jesse did was a clear awareness of the condition I was in. As he worked on an area, I quickly began to realize that I was in rough shape. I had no idea that I had accumulated so much pain from the life experience of these past few years. I was shocked and frankly disappointed in myself for letting myself go for so long. Jesse James Method is the kind of therapy that can clear years of issues, rejuvenate a worn out soul and inspire hope that it is not too late to get a level of joy in the body that you haven’t had in years. If you have a commitment to living your best life, Jesse should be a part of your plan to be your best. I am grateful to have met him and my body is happier too. I was not able to articulate much immediately after the first session, but I did say to Jesse, you are my answer. What I meant was that Jesse was my answer to my prayer and I know he can be the answer to yours. Salvatore Candeloro Client since 2011 Public Communicator/Writer/Medium “Injured training for a marathon. About 2 1/2 years ago, I injured myself training for a marathon. As an avid runner, I was devastated. I had x-rays, an MRI, was put on anti-inflammatory medication, and went to six weeks of physical therapy – none of which made a lasting difference. I figured I was going to have chronic pain for the rest of my life, which is scary since I am only 26. I finally decided to try massage because I had experienced some success with this in the past. I purchased the Jesse James Method package online, and within those first three appointments, my everyday pain went from about a 7 to a 3. I am so thrilled to have found such an intuitive massage therapist who is so committed to what he does. I finally feel like maybe I can be a serious runner again or at least fall asleep at night without downing a ton of Advil! Whatever place your body is in, I have no doubt Jesse can put it in a better one. Make an appointment. You will not regret it. Cat Miller, Client since 2011 Research Administrator “Neck and back pain. I have been using Jesse as my massage therapist for about a year now and I am extremely impressed how he is able to alleviate my neck and back pain originating from an automobile accident several years ago. I have had years of pain management and Chiropractic care but nothing has produced the amount of relief as a Jesse James massage. Jesse has truly improved my quality of life. What Derek also had to say on LinkedIn: I have struggled with neck and back pain for years and have seen many massage therapists over the years. Jesse James Method of deep tissue massage is incredibly effective at breaking down the knots and tension in the muscles and the results last much longer than massages I have had in the past. If you have muscle tension and want to feel refreshed I recommend giving Jesse a try. Derek Herndon, Client since 2009 Sign Manufacturer “Pulled Muscle. Recently I pulled a muscle in my back while working out. Thanks to Jesse, the pulled muscle in my back is much better, and I was able to return to the gym this morning! Jesse the massage you gave me Saturday was amazing. Your work is intuitive and your knowledge of the human body is impressive. I am looking forward to Thursday! Don Dvorak, Client since 2007 Sales and Advertising “Calm, relaxing, or soothing massage. If you are looking for a calm, relaxing, or soothing massage, Jesse James is not for you. If you want to be able to drift off peacefully while someone gently smooths out your muscles, Jesse James is not the massage therapist for you. In fact, I wouldn’t even classify Jesse James as a massage therapist. After having a session with Jesse, I would say to someone “I just got a massage from Jesse James,” and yet it certainly wasn’t like any massage I’d had previously. Not even like any I’d had from Jesse James previously. Each massage, my body becomes a canvas for Jesse’s art. His art is one of healing. It’s an art of massage. It’s an art of energy exchange. It’s transformative. My first session with Jesse I cursed at him throughout the session. I screamed as he dug into my muscles with his hands, thumbs, elbows, and his body weight. There were times I felt an entire side of my body tingling and I worried I would be paralyzed. Yet my experience was that I was completely safe, loved, and he was healing me. Healing from what? I don’t know. Stress, anger, and frustration from my present life and from years ago. Things I had forgotten about from when I was a child. I’ve heard that the muscles store experiences somehow. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I experienced letting things go that I had been holding on to for years. I experienced freedom in my relationship with my brother who used to beat me up as a child. I became present to a new found joy and expression in vulnerability and intimacy in my relationship with my partner. I experienced peace with my physical body, and fully being able to trust someone else. When the “massage” ended, I also reaped the benefits that any other massage promises—a heightened state of relaxation, limberness and freedom in muscles where it wasn’t previously present or even available, and a sense of peace that comes with my body thanking me for taking care of it. Each massage since then has been distinct, different, and attuned to exactly what my body needs and is dealing with at the time. Sometimes, I’ll even admit, I find myself drifting off. Jesse’s massage/work/art altered my life, my experience of myself, my body, and my relationships. If you are looking for a standard massage that simply leaves you feeling relaxed and soft afterwards, I wouldn’t recommend Jesse. If you’re looking for someone to alter your life, Jesse James is the one for you. Wes Putnam, Client since 2008 Transformational Coach “Slept so good that same night and woke up with a new since of being. My massage with Jesse was absolutely amazing. My muscles where a tight mess until Jesse worked them over and took my body to a level of relaxation I have never experienced before. Jesse taught me breathing techniques that helped me through his deep tissue massage. I drank plenty of water afterwards as he directed me and slept so good that same night and woke up with a new since of being and ready to take on the world. Thank you Jesse James. Ken McKenzie, Client since 2011 Accountant “Massage was flowing and connected. I recently had the pleasure of receiving a therapeutic massage from Jesse Ferrell, a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Jesse immediately assessed the tension areas in my body and started releasing the myo-facial layers as needed. Jesse used advanced myo-therapy and deep tissue techniques to release my areas of tension successfully and without undue pain. I found him to be considerately cautious of injured areas. Instead of trying to trigger deeply into muscles, Jesse used persistent and slow deep tissue approach that made the massage flowing and connected. Because of Jesse’s professional ethics and caring demeanor, I would highly recommend him as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Scott Hazen, Client since 2003 Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist “ “I’ve never taken you for granted.” Jesse came to our home and treated my wife, daughter, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law and her mother to the Jesse James Method of body work. My wife’s sister came out peaceful, yet tearful and hugged my wife sobbing, “I’ve never taken you for granted.” One by one, each person was touched, moved and inspired with Jesse’s application of this distinct methodology of body work. It appears to profoundly touch the soul, heart and spirit connections in the body. I was privileged to witness realms of transformation: Individual, relationship, family and group were powerfully shaped, formed, healed, validated and deepened through the Jesse James Method. Jesse’s method of body work has limitless possibilities in its application and impact. Gift yourself, family, friends and associates. Kyle Winn, Client since 2011 Business Coach “Spiritual Awakening. ~ Marathon runner. A few days ago I experienced my first Jesse James TWO HOUR massage. I have had massages before but they all seemed superficial or cosmetic. This was far far from anything I’ve had in the past. I had a spiritual awakening of sorts with Jesse. He got my mind, lungs and overall body connected to a point I have never had before. He got me to think about the pain in my muscles and joints and focus my energy on why the pain got there in the first place. I was in such a suspended state of mind, breathing and working with Jesse in partnership to release my pain. I could see the pain or negative energy/toxins, in my mind’s eye, exit my body while he kept telling me the breathe through it. I’ve never had a massage therapist direct me in such a way through breathing, focusing and channeling my energy. I do not want to ever go to another massage therapist again, only unless he/she uses the same technique and spiritual awareness Jesse uses. He is second to none! I HIGHLY recommend going to Jesse James Massage! I have been running marathons for the past 12 years. I took the past year off to rest and just recently decided to start running again. It has not been easy. I experience swelling and pain after the first mile or two, of the seven I run daily. I have goals of running two marathons in 2012 and after receiving this session with Jesse I know he will be a MUST in reaching my goal. Thank you Jesse for being a part of my well-being team while I am on my marathon journey. Michael Bayless, Client since 2011 Sales Making “hurt” feel so good! I have to thank you Jesse for making “hurt” feel so good! I had the pleasure of your touch for my first time, and though there were moments, ok maybe several moments, that I sooo wanted you to stop, I am sooo thankful that you didn’t. Trusting your knowledge and expertise is truly exhilarating! Jeffrey Brown, Client since 2012


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