Neck stress is caused by a number of reasons in our high stress society. It could be from looking at a computer screen for hours or playing video games. many jobs cause people to sit for hours and this puts stress on the neck as well, or neck pain could be from driving, playing sports or an injury, degenerative disc disease, even emotional distress. This causes a number of our neck and shoulder muscles to be chronically stressed or frozen which further results in stiffness and pain and a constant tiring energy drain. At different times of day symptoms of your neck pain may take many forms. Much of our stress is carried in our neck muscles.

By doing repetitive or strenuous activities much of our muscle tone is lost either by accident or injury and has to be restored. Working together in groups or pairs, some muscles may be strained while others are relaxed. Muscle fibers are running up and down and around the neck. So, as you turn your head, some muscles are straining to hold your neck in that position while others are relaxing.

Loosening the neck muscles is done by gently moving the neck forward and backward and from side to side. Sometimes ice or heat needs to be applied. You can gently pinch your neck, all the way around the neck to wake up the sensor cells which sends signals to the brain to relax the muscles. A Jesse James body work specialist can break the bad patterns in the neck muscles, which helps to release pain in the neck and to relax the body, also restoring the muscles to their natural state. Neck release is just one of the modalities that may be included in a body work session.


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