Three Hour Session



INITIAL BODY RESET and ASSESSMENT: 3-hour session Three hours will fly by as something magical happens when your automatic nervous system goes into a relaxed state and your fight or flight response backs down. As this happens, Jesse is able to work with your body (rather than against it) to relieve pain, promote healing, and begin resetting your body to its highest, natural state.

During the first three-hour session, for example, I might only work on your hips; then the next two hour-session just on your neck and shoulders; then the next session your legs, and so on, until we are working your full body.

After several sessions, your body has enough muscle memory to know what’s coming, so we can move through and reset each area more quickly. Save $50 off each session when you schedule 5 two-hour sessions or 3 two-hour sessions, depending on the  assessment during your initial reset and assessment session. Sessions are scheduled a week apart. Packages are designed to expire 90 days from date of purchase.


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