Chase Your Happiness

 In Jesse James Ferrell

I choose to live a life that inspires me. I choose to live a life where I experience freedom, happiness and love in every moment. Anything else, is a fuck you to the world. We have a million things to be grateful for in every moment of every day. There is always something to be in gratitude for.

I know as I live a life that inspires me, it plants little seeds, thoughts of possibility, with others that they can have whatever they want. One of my biggest joys in life is being witness to someone having an ah-ha moment that will immediately rewire and transform their experience of life. Being a part of that moment is like watching my daughter being born again and again. Watching a new awareness emerge that things can be different. It is actually possibly to have peace on earth. If every eight year old child learned to meditate, within one year earth would be transformed. Will you do your part? How will you make today a gift?

Choose in. Choose gratitude. Create a life you love. Chase your happiness. The universe is collaborating for your greatness.

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