Why Trust is Worth It

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Recently the question was asked to me, How do I trust? It’s challenging yet simple, really. I still practice trust daily. It’s something I bring a conscious awareness to, otherwise I find myself making up stories about perceived interpretations of others actions or my own actions.

Learn to trust yourself. ONLY when you trust yourself will you be able to trust others. It’s always an inside job.

How do I trust myself?

Learn to be still and hear that guiding voice inside you. LISTEN. Some call it your gut feeling. That’s not always accurate. If you haven’t forgiven and released the story associated with lack of trusting you will get wrapped up in the emotion. Separate facts from past. Facts from emotion. Facts from story. What is so right now? I call it my intuition. I have developed it over time. I trust it. I act on it. It gets stronger with each action I take.

Will I still be hurt?

YES, possibly. That will lessen as you develop your trust of self and then LISTEN to others as being trustworthy. If someone shows up less than trustworthy it is not that they can’t be trusted. It is YOU reflecting your unworthiness of trusting onto them and them being your mirror so you can observe your progress.

Trust yourself. Create a game. Develop your intuition. Remember everyone OUT THERE is a mirror reflection of you. It is their truth not yours. It’s not even their truth. It’s made up. What reflection are you creating of yourself out in the world? Love? Trust? Affinity? Forgiveness?

Make today your best day ever!!!

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