United Health Care ~ FAQ


Q: “Do you accept other major medical insurance carriers?

A: YES! Workman’s Compensation Insurance, Veterans Administration Insurance and Medicare Insurance. We are constantly expanding our network. Stay socially connected.


Q: “How does Jesse James Body Wellness work with insurance companies”?

A: We accept a handful of select carriers. We research your benefits and bill according to diagnosis codes based on your specific treatment, keeping your sessions unique and individualized.


Q: “Do you have to explain that there is pain for my insurance to cover me”?

A: NO! We use specific diagnosis codes. Ask your doctor to write a prescription allowing for therapeutic or medical massage in Zone 1-3 of the body. I work all three to compete a full body reset.


Q: “How do I know if I will need to have pre-authorization”?

A: Call the number on back of your card and ask what kind of benefits you have available for medical or therapeutic massage. LAST RESORT…if it becomes confusing or challenging please email a copy of front and back of insurance card with DOB and we will check on your benefits for you.


Q: “Do I need a referral from my PCP”?

A: No. Authorization is typically not required. Your benefits representative will tell you when you call if you need authorization or referral from doctor which would be a prescription. It is helpful to have a prescription for our records.


Q: “I will have United Health affective November 1st. Do I need to be on a particular plan to get coverage”?

A: Open Access Plan, any provider no prescription at all, is best.


Please feel free to contact me with any other questions. Thank you for your patience and trust in Jesse James Body Wellness being part of your health and well being team.

Consciously BREATHE 10 minutes a day!!!

Thank you for your referrals!!!

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