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The Connection

 In Jesse James Ferrell, Massage Therapists

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As much as we are all unique individuals, we humans share at least one common universal trait, the need for connection. Connection occurs at all levels, physical, psychological, and emotional.  Since we are social creatures by nature, with an innate need to connect with others in order to thrive, we often overlook the need to reach deep and meaningful connection with ourselves.   Through regular massage and with the right practitioner, one can achieve that rich connection to self on all levels, including a more insightful understanding of one’s own body, mind and spirit.  

Often when we feel pain it is due to some injury, past or present, but more often than not we are impacted by the daily stressors, both psychological and emotional, of everyday life.  Those little daily stressors, unbeknownst to us, kick in the ‘fight or flight’ stress response causing biochemical reactions in the body that get “trapped” and cause us to have that stiff neck or that tight shoulder or that pinched nerve.  Massage therapy helps to release the effects of those seemingly insignificant yet harmful stressors of our day to day, to help uncover the underlying cause for much of our discomfort and pain, and this all happens through a mindful connection and collaboration between client and therapist.  

A therapist using the Jesse James Method of massage therapy couples a medical approach with the art of massage, to assist one in returning to a place of inner balance and connection.  At every session, an intention of healing is set wherein client and therapist collaborate to create a more meaningful experience of healing on a physical, a psychological and an emotional level.  Every touch, through the physical connection inherent to massage therapy, brings the client closer to a centered and balanced base, helping one to achieve even a deeper understanding and inner connection to the spiritual self.  The Jesses James Method is a holistic approach where client and therapist share a deep connection that creates longer-lasting effects of the healing experience.  Once we reconnect with ourselves, mind-body-spirit, our daily connections with others will naturally become more interesting and fulfilling.  


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