Setting yourself up for a successful day

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Tomorrow Starts Tonight

This gets annoying to hear, but humans really do need rest to live at our fullest capacity. Without adequate sleep, your physical, mental and emotional self will not function properly. Do what you have to. End an evening of social activities, give enough time in between a caffeinated beverage, and start quieting your mind so you’ll be able to begin your sleep cycle at a time that allows for a solid night’s sleep. Tonight’s inactivity is an investment in tomorrow’s activity.


Meditate for a Blank Slate

Your day is your canvas to do with it what you wish. Wouldn’t you rather start with a blank slate? Meditation allows for your inner self to begin on the offense, rather than in reaction to whatever life will eventually throw at you. So before you check your phone, email or news platform, clear your mind of clutter. This way, you set the tone for your day.

Don’t Wait to Hydrate

Drinking water first thing in the morning has endless benefits. For starters, when you drink about 16oz of chilled water first thing in the morning, you boost your metabolism by 24%. It will make your skin glow, aiding in your beauty regimen. When you drink water on an empty stomach (easiest to do after a night’s sleep), you cleanse your colon of toxins and allow nutrient absorption easy.

  • Exercise
  • Breakfast
  • Green Tea
  • Be Informed
  • Be Prepared
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