Alternative Treatment Modality for Veterans – The Jesse James Method

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Among the many services offered at the Jesse James Wellness Center (JJWC), we are proud to extend our service to those who have served us, our United States veterans.  We understand that bodywork is essential to the rehabilitative process of our returning and recovering veterans.  Our dedicated team of healing practitioners understands that each veteran’s service experience is unique, and we are able to customize the therapeutic approach to meet individual needs that will enhance the healing process. 

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The Veteran’s Administration’s Department of Rehabilitation Research and Development are fast becoming advocates of alternative treatment modalities for our United States veterans returning from active duty.  Since the 1990s, the VA has amassed extensive research, developed new insights and made new discoveries with regard to the trauma, chronic pain and mental health issues with which our soldiers are returning home and have begun to integrate alternative therapies with traditional rehabilitative efforts to restore our veterans back to good health.   This is great news because there now exists a stronger emphasis on massage therapy and more specified and intense bodywork, such as that which is offered at JJWC, as a viable and effective treatment modality for healing the body and mind of our veterans returning from deployment. 

The VA notes that many in the military, especially those having served in the Middle East, develop mental-health issues, notably post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Chronic pain and musculoskeletal issues are also commonly reported among returning veterans.  There is, now, a clearer connection between trauma and the emotional mind with the body. VA studies reveal some truth to the adage, “the issues are in the tissues,” and the VA is developing a better understanding about the mind/body connection of veterans who return from duty with concurrent physical and psychological issues.  Often, veterans affected by PTSD are reluctant to address the trauma through traditional talk therapy, but continue to be affected mentally and physically by their experience.  Massage therapy is a treatment modality through which veterans have reported that the bodywork facilitated a “silent” emotional release, resulting in more effective pain management overall.   Including the Jesse James Method of massage and bodywork as part of veterans’ rehabilitative processes is proven effective in addressing the connection between trauma and chronic pain, enhancing the treatment of these prevalent issues, and facilitating the healing process.

For our veterans, the benefits of the Jesse James Method, combining a medical approach to bodywork with  traditional massage therapy, naturally and comfortably, extends beyond a rote process of rehabilitating and restoring the physical body, providing ease and relief on the path to mind/body recovery.  The Jesse James Wellness Center offers veterans a variety of services to customize and optimize the therapeutic experience, and we look forward to serving the needs of those who have served and protected our nation.  

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