The Illusion of Balance

 In Carl Freestone, Float Tank

I am lying in the float tank at Jesse James Body Wellness Center  focusing on my breathing, and I stumble on a paradox.

It is impossible to be in a permanent state of balance. We all strive for that illusive state. It is reached perhaps for a moment and then it slips like sand through the fingers, or like a chair trying to balance on one leg, it falls.

What goes with balance is peace and rest. What would life be like if balance, peace, and rest could remain? What if we could live peacefully in a beautiful garden and spend our time youthfully reading in libraries or taking cool walks in peaceful shady lanes forever?

As I lie breathing in and out I realize that we are not made to be balanced. We are cyclical by nature. The act of breathing is a quiet reminder always lurking in our shadows that we are on a trajectory through time. With indecent haste we come into this life and are rushed through and before we are aware we are facing death.

The act of breathing is a microcosm of the cycle of seasons that our beautiful planet goes through.

The model taught us in school of a fixed sun with rotating planets is as farfetched as the notion that the earth is flat.  Our sun is not stationary but is speeding on a cyclical trajectory through space while its planets whirl behind it.

Where is our power and freedom of choice in this paradox? A wise man said, “It’s easier to ride the horse in the direction he’s going.” We can fall with intention rather than without intention.





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