How deep tissue scultping can help you.

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Deep tissue sculpting is basically what it sounds like. It is a system of body work that releases pain held deeply within, like muscle tension, from chronic pain, back pain and sciatic problems, for instance. This form of body work uses slow steady compressions so that it can release the deep layers of tissue. Unlike regular massage sessions that massage your whole back, a deep tissue massage usually focuses on one or two specific points that the client has asked the practitioner to work on. A deep tissue massage is done without oil or lotion. But, if it is done in conjunction with other techniques then oils or lotions may be applied.


Benefits of Deep Tissue Sculpting:

  • Alleviate chronic pain and muscle tension (by releasing endorphins)
  • Decrease depression and anxiety (ease dependency on medication)
  • Enhance sleep quality and reduce fatigue.
  • Increase circulation (pumps oxygen and nutrients into tissues)
  • Exercise and stretch weak, tight, or atrophied muscles


This service is offered at the Jesse James Body Wellness Center, so if it sounds like a treatment you could benefit from, please call us at 602.573.1309 to get more information.



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