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The Jesse James Method for OJI (On the Job Injury)

 In Jesse James Ferrell

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If you are recovering from an On-the-Job Injury (OJI) and have made a Worker’s Compensation claim, Jesse James Wellness Center, a registered provider, can be a viable therapy option with regard to your individual treatment.   Injuries that range from carpal tunnel syndrome to tendonitis, from muscle strain to back pain, are often quite commonplace among OJIs reported.  What is not so commonplace is the knowledge that Jesse James Wellness Center has now become widely-accepted by Worker’s Compensation Insurance plans, often without any out of pocket expense to the injured.  

JJBW Progress Report

The Jesse James method is reported to be quite effective in treating musculoskeletal issues, and its utilization more widespread and available for those who are currently undergoing rehabilitative therapies for OJIs.  The individually-focused bodywork of a Jesse James medical massage can help to reduce your overall pain and discomfort, and our health practitioners will work closely with you to restore your body to its pre-accident health and your body’s more natural balance.  A variety of treatments for a range of mild to severe injuries are available at Jesse James Wellness Center, and we can pair you with one of our highly-attuned, licensed practitioners to help you determine the most effective bodywork and treatments for your individual health needs.  

We empathize with our clients who endure the physical and emotional stress caused by a workplace injury and we understand the complicated nature of a Worker’s Compensation claim.  We are pleased to work with you and your Worker’s Compensation representative to incorporate the Jesse James Method as a modality for your treatment and recovery.  Contact us today to inquire about how we can help.

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