Have you had your PSOAS released lately?

 In Jesse James Ferrell

Have you or someone you know experienced low back pain? Low back pain is often caused by a tight psoas. While it can be painful to release completely it gives immediate relief to low back pain.

Where is the PSOAS? Look at the image on your right.

What is the FUNCTION of the psoas?

As part of the iliopsoas, psoas major contributes to flexion and external rotation in the hip joint. On the lumbar spine, unilateral contraction bends the trunk laterally, while bilateral contraction raises the trunk from its supine position.

It forms part of a group of muscles called the hip flexors, whose action is primarily to lift the upper leg towards the body when the body is fixed or to pull the body towards the leg when the leg is fixed.

For example, when doing a situp that brings the torso (including the lower back) away from the ground and towards the front of the leg, the hip flexors (including the iliopsoas) will flex the spine upon the pelvis.

Due to the frontal attachment on the vertebrae, rotation of the spine will stretch the psoas.

Tightness of the psoas can result in lower back pain by compressing the lumbar discs.

There are ways to stretch the psoas to relieve some of the pain. It is one of my favorite muscles to relive tension.

Ask me for more information.


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